So how and where do I start?

I am a young adult from Malaysia who is just about to experience the hardship of life. I have a sister who is earnest though naive, another sister who is thoughtful though self-centered and a nerdy, digital editor younger brother. Then I have a father who is always full of interesting and wise bits of advice and a mother who loves to tell us the surprising adventures she got herself into when she was younger. Apart from them, I have a pen, a journal, a writing book, a book to read and a camera to keep me company. I almost never leave the house without these animated un-animated things stuffed into my backpack or shoved into the pockets of my pants.

As I look around the world, there are many things which I wish that I can capture forever. The first and foremost reason is definitely because I’d love to remember every single bit of detail of every place that I have been to. The second reason would most probably be the fact that this is the way I talk to people– how I socialise. For despite the fact that I am an introvert and I never, ever talk too much with people, there are so many things which I want to share with the world. Experiences which I wish every single human being in this world can also experience. Places where I wish that all of you can visit. Things which I see which I wish other people can sit down and observe and see and talk about them with me.

I want to talk and share and argue and fight about the things which I have a passion for. I want to find a person who can appreciate the little things which I see which no one else does. I want to find a person who can constructively criticise my art and make me see new things and do things in a better way. I want to live in a community where the passion which had always been burning deep inside me is the reason as to why the community is made.

It was one fine evening when I was snapping photos for a cousin’s wedding and a close relative of mine walked up to me to ask, “Where are you going to keep those photos? Do you post them up somewhere?”.

And it just suddenly struck me that I can actually create a photo blog where I can do all of those things which I have been wanting to do. Where I can channel the throbbing need to share my life experiences with the world.

To do something which I should have done years ago for I have been blogging since I was like what, 12?

So after scolding myself for being so stupid, I created this photo blog (along with a Tumblr blog because I can’t decide on which platform will be better for a photo blog) where I can share my stories, views and experiences which I have and am about to experience in my life.

This post is just the first paragraph, the introduction to the story about me. The rest of this blog will be the content of my essay. My death (which I won’t be able to tell because, like, obviously) will be the ending.