Penyabong Warisan Resort, Mersing

Located deep inside Mersing, Johor, Penyabong Warisan Resort is a nice quirky resort which offers affordable prices and a lot of interesting activities. We stayed there during the numerous times we visited Mersing, and though their services do lack here and there, it was a pretty interesting place to stay in.

The architect plays with the “traditional Malay houses” theme, decorating the place with wooden boards and unique carvings. However, the walls of the main lobby of the resort is filled with a lot of quirky pictures and inspiring words– like a Tumblr blog.


Entrance into the main building.



They played romantic guitar and spanish guitar renditions of 70’s-80’s classics in this lounge area. Add a book into the environment, it was very, very nice.


Most of the hotel rooms are not located in the main building though. They have these nice little houses by a lake (where you can rent a boat to go boating in) and some other traditional Malay houses which serves as the hotel rooms.


It was a very hazy day when I went there somewhere mid this year.


The bridge crosses over the lake and it looks like this (but even more magical) in the night:dsc_0047

Though they did a brilliant job in creating a beach-vibe around the resort, don’t go here if you are expecting a nice beach resort because it is too far away from the beach to actually be a beach resort. But it is a nice “kampung-y” resort where you might want to stay in if you are visiting Mersing.

The prices are reasonable, plus there’s a small function house where you can hold events in (though keep in mind that it usually is pretty hot and stuffy in the event hall).


Hotel rates as posted on their Facebook page.


Unedited-Taken with my Nikon D5100


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