A Trip to Muar, Johor

I visited Muar, a busy town in Johor, a couple of months ago. It was a nice place to visit for there were so many interesting attractions there. From Satays to Mee Bandung to iconic monuments such as the large crown round-a-bout and the MUAR clock tower.


We stayed in this quirky PPT Hotel, or widely known as the “Hotel Container” as it gives the illusion of a building made out of containers. They even made it look as if one is living outdoors inside the building with fake sky ceilings and hanging out-door lamps hung by the doors of the room.

But of all the things that I had the chance to do there, my favourite is most definitely to look at and admire the old buildings which date way back from the early 1900s (they have the year the buildings were built in fixed on the top of each old building). From shop-lots to houses, the architecture of the buildings were strongly influenced by the British colonial architecture and are very well-preserved. I do believe that many of the buildings had been re-painted, however, they mostly kept to the original colours of the buildings or re-painted them into a colour which fits in with the period it was built in– giving the town a very distinct historical look. I sometimes get lost in admiring the old houses, imagining what stories do the houses hold and how it will feel like if I were to live in those houses.


This set of houses is my favourite.


Of course, a visit to Muar won’t be completed if we do not stop by the river and visit the “Masjid Berkembar”, Masjid Sultan Ismail and Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim. These two mosques have the same colour theme and are located opposing to one another, seperated by the Muar river.


The Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim is visible from the other side of the river.



Masjid Sultan Ismail.


Sungai Muar.



Sungai Muar.


Sungai Muar.


Sungai Muar.


Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim.


A minaret of the Masjid Sultan Ismail.


The MUAR clock tower.

One tip that I can give you if you are visiting Muar, remember to wear your dirty clothes or bring a spare one if you do not want to end up smelling like smoke all day after you had breakfast at the Satay restaurant.

Unedited-Taken with my Nikon D5100


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