RM5 Book Sale


I bought five books from the sale: “Pariah” by David Jackson, “Vigilante” and “Think of the Children” by Kerry Wilkinson, “Dead Letter Drop” by Peter James and “Raise the Titanic!” by Clive Cussler.

“Pariah” is definitely a brilliant book. Jackson manages to make the story a “keeps you at the edge of your seat” thriller and he plays with emotions very well. There were many misdirections convincingly weaved into the story, making the mystery part of it harder for one to guess. I could easily tell who was the killer in the story, but I couldn’t tell what was the motive behind his plans. Thus, most of the theories which I made were merely based on ‘maybes’ until the answer was revealed. I highly recommend it to all mystery/crime/thriller lovers.

“Dead Letter Drop” was an interesting read just because of the fact that it is amusing to read how bad Peter James’ first crime novel is 😛 I have yet to read the other three books.

Edited-Taken with my Lumia 920


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